Larissa Rosanoff – TV Leman Bleu Interview “La Boheme”

Larissa Rosanoff – in live interview on Swiss TV Leman Bleu with Sacha Michon and Pascal Décaillet

The journalist Pascal Décaillet asking Larissa about the Puccini’s opera “La Boheme”, as well as voice training, preparation, stress before a premiere, Puccini’s life.
Larissa Rosanoff and Sacha Michon are singing live and a capella an extract of the 3rd act of “La Boheme” and commecting some extracts from the orchestra rehearsal.

Did you know that while studying in Milano, Puccini himself lived the “La Boheme” story and life? He was meeting his friends at the famous cafe “Biffi”. It happens this cafe still exists and we even had a coffee there just before Christmas – so here is the picture from our Milano trip in December 2015!

Cafe Biffi - Boheme Puccini





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